This is a (very) select group of songs I have recorded over the years. There is no logic to the selection or the order, I was just choosing favorites and wanted to include a little upright bass and fretless electric. (And I’m a bit puzzled that there are two Christmas songs!)

I hope you enjoy – and please visit the associated artists’ websites!


“A Place For Me” by Chuck Curry:

“O’ Christmas Tree” by Mark Long:

“Kind Of But Not Really” by…uh…I’m not sure what we’re calling ourselves. This is an ongoing remote writing/recording project I have been doing with Todd Chuba, Brian DeMarco & Michael Terry – enjoy!

“Cold Hand In Mine” by brother S.E. WIllis:

“Dazed & Confused” by The Swingtips: 

“Up Yours” by Hollywood Yates:

“Panchito” by Limbs Akimbo. My old band throughout most of the 90s, this CD has been out of print pretty much since then but will always hold a special place in my heart. UPDATE: You can now download (for free!) the album “Walking On the Coals” at

“Soon the Moon” by Brian DeMarco:

“Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland” by Ashley Harris:

Just to be clear: I claim no ownership or copyright to any of these songs. Well, maybe “Kind Of But Not Really” a little bit, but these are posted here solely because I played the bass. If anyone involved with the distribution or publishing of this material takes offense – please contact me.

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