JUNE 24, 2022

The album is out! This has been a crazy week of chasing down details and trying to escape for an all-too-short anniversary celebration in Sedona. I actually scheduled the album to go live on the streaming services on the same day as our anniversary, which is the Summer Solstice. An auspicious date, I think.

I added a page called "Kinda Love" where I posted the contents of the CD package, as well as song by song credits that never would have fit in CD liner notes. At least they are available here! And I also just added links to the streaming services where the album can be found.

Speaking of CDs, I made 200. I realize this is kind of an outdated mode of music conveyance, but I've always wanted to make CDs. I have given quite a few away already and am planning to have them available for sale at CD Baby very soon, as well as at Stinkweeds Records in Phoenix and Handlebar J in Scottsdale. Or send me a message!

JUNE 6, 2022

The album is officially done! I should be getting some physical copies in the next week or two, and it is scheduled to go live on all of the streaming services on June 21st (which also happens to be our wedding anniversary...). I have never done as much self-promotion as I'm about to do and I have very mixed feelings about it. I hope that - if you're reading this - you'll forgive my indulgence and listen to the album anyway!

Kinda Love

The album is almost done. That comment back there a ways about it being ready to release in late 2021 was clearly misguided. It should be ready...oh....sometime this Spring.

In the meantime, Luster Kaboom has finished the cover art (the original painting is hanging in my living room and is beautiful!) and the audio portion is in the very capable hands of my old friend and audio wizard, Clarke Rigsby.

You will be hearing (much) more about this as the actual release date grows closer.



I apologize for the long silence here on the website. As the world cautiously opened back up I found myself playing just about as many gigs as in pre-pandemic days and the time just slipped away..

BUT - after recording "Stuck Here With You" and doing Otto's show, I decided to go ahead and move forward with my first complete album of original material. Actually, my first complete album under my name! It has been a LOT of work but has been very rewarding as both a creative and learning experience, and I think it should be ready to release around the end of 2021.

Pandemic? What pandemic?! (10/7/2021)


I got a call from my old friend, Otto D'Agnolo, last week. He has been a successful musician, producer, engineer and filmmaker for quite a while now and is the creator and host of a show called "The Recording Artist".  (therecordingartist.com)

Otto's guest for the week had to cancel at the last minute and he needed someone to come into the studio and record a song. In 2 days! I finally remembered this blues song I had written a couple of years ago when I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself, so I agreed to give it a shot.

I called Chuck Hall and Gary Bruzzese because....why not?! Anyway, doing the show was a blast and the song came out OK, so I just posted the recording at Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I hope you'll check it out. (8/3/2020)



I realized early on in this pandemic/quarantine situation we're all living through that I had to find something to battle cabin fever - and NOW!

I tend to wander around the house making up little songs about the dog, my wife's behavior, the weather, whatever I happen to notice. I'm sure this is incredibly irritating but I'm really not sure I could stop at this point. Anyway, I was composing one of these mesmerizing l'il ditties about the lockdown - specifically, the situation I found myself in with the aforementioned wife - when it suddenly occurred to me that I could spend weeks trying to flesh the song out in my home studio and actually maybe make something out of it. Several weeks later, and after enlisting help from some of my similarly confined musical friends, I had a song. And I think it's actually a love song! "A love song for the pandemic", I'm calling it.

I'll take this space to repeat my thanks to the musicians who played on this with me: Gary Bruzzese-drums, Thomson Knoles-keyboards, Jim Pfeifer-guitars and Ryan Stigmon-saxophones. Darren Baum was brave enough to let Gary & I come over to Sonic Piranha studio to record the drums, and Clarke Rigsby was crazy enough to allow me into his home to do the mix. I sent it over to Nathan James for mastering, and I'm calling it done.

The song is now posted on Soundcloud  and Bandcamp, so I hope you'll check it out!

My stepdaughter (and pal), Celeste Knoles, spent most of the lockdown with us too, and we decided to make a video to occupy even more time. CLICK HERE to watch. (6/10/2020)



This is old news at this point on account of my laziness in keeping this site up to date, but Nils asked the same crew from below (Gary Bruzzese, Greg Varlotta and myself) to appear in his official video for the song, "Pretty Soon"! In addition to the amazing talents Nils brings to every situation he's involved in, it was also an opportunity to work with celebrated artist and director, Kii Arens. kiiarens.com

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlWuUDKpsOc

I'm not exactly sure what our role is in the video, but I'm pretty sure that's part of the fun. I like to think we're just a wandering, tuxedoed Greek chorus, observing and reacting to Nils. Just like we do in our everyday lives...(5/9/2019)


I have been meaning to add a "News" section to this site for a while, and now I think there is a good reason to finally do it!

I was honored to be included in the most recent Nils Lofgren "Blind Date Jam" with my good friends Greg Varlotta & Gary Bruzzese.

Nils is much better at explaining the concept, but we basically got together for an evening and just started making music. Nils briefly described what he had in mind beforehand, and we counted off and tried our best to make something musical happen! It was exciting, exhilarating and, honestly, one of the best nights of my life.

Here's the link where you can read more about the concept and download the results:



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